33 Laws of Stewardship

by Kirk Nowery

There are timeless principles of stewardship—laws established in God’s character and expressed in His Word. This book is about those laws. It’s an exploration of things that really matter, things eternal. The companion Discovery Guide, 33 Days of Stewardship, is the roadmap for a journey into deeper relationship with God in stewarding all that He entrusts to our care. 33 Days of Stewardship has been used by thousands of churches as a master strategy to mobilize believers for wholehearted commitment through annual stewardship emphasis and capital campaigns.

A Journey of Great Discoveries and Great Decisions

Churches across America are experiencing stewardship in a totally new way. Through an innovative program called 33 Days of Stewardship, they’re discovering powerful principles and they’re making positive decisions. As one pastor said, “This program has revolutionized the way our people think about Christian service and Christian stewardship.”


33 Days of Stewardship motivates believers to be faithful, committed stewards. This engaging strategy features a wealth of resources including an insightful book on stewardship, a day-by-day discovery guide, and a comprehensive manual. The manual contains pastoral letters, inspiring sermons and theme-specific lessons for adults and youth. There are also bulletin inserts, posters, commitment cards and other valuable items – all designed to culminate in a day of commitment by the entire church body.


33 Days of Stewardship is the perfect way to conduct an annual stewardship emphasis. It is also an ideal resource in preparing for a capital stewardship campaign. Based on the acclaimed book, The 33 Laws of Stewardship, this unique program is a master plan to mobilize Christians for purposeful stewardship. It’s a faith-expanding venture in which believers learn how stewardship encompasses all of life. And it’s a proven strategy for uniting the church body in a journey of lasting significance.

A Total Strategy for Total Success

To reach your church’s true potential, a strategic emphasis on stewardship can make all the difference. It can transform the way your members think, the way they live and the way they give. For your church’s stewardship emphasis, there’s simply no better plan than the 33 Days of Stewardship. It’s a total strategy for total success.
Here’s a brief introduction to the valuable materials designed for the 33 Days of Stewardship…

The 33 Laws of Stewardship
Thousands of churches have already discovered the insightful message of The 33 Laws of Stewardship and they’ve given it an overwhelmingly positive response. With 33 brief, inspiring chapters, The 33 Laws of Stewardship is highly readable. It’s a user-friendly resource that guides Christians into a deeper understanding of stewardship. Available in hardcover and softcover editions.

33 Days of Stewardship Discovery Guide
The 33 Days of Stewardship Discovery Guide is specially designed to accompany The 33 Laws of Stewardship. This practical booklet presents a “3 R’s” plan for each day – a daily Reading, Reflection and Response. It takes no more than 10-15 minutes a day, but those minutes can make a major impact. A Leader’s Edition of the 33 Days Discovery Guide, with supplemental notes and instructions, is also available.

33 Days of Stewardship Leader’s Manual
The 33 Days of Stewardship Leader’s Manual includes the program strategy and calendar, a series of pastoral letters, theme-specific stewardship sermons, stewardship lessons for adults and youth, samples of all promotional materials, and more. Packaged in an attractive three-ring binder, the Leader’s Manual is the essential guide to successfully conducting the 33 Days of Stewardship.

33 Days of Stewardship Bulletin Insert & Promotional Poster
The bulletin insert and poster are impressive tools to promote involvement in the 33 Days of Stewardship . These colorful items communicate with excellence as they encourage maximum participation.

33 Days of Stewardship Commitment Card & Envelope
The culmination of the 33 Days of Stewardship is a great celebration of commitment. These two items are designed for that special service, highlighting the importance of the occasion.

10 Steps to a Significant Journey

To make the 33 Days of Stewardship a significant journey for your church, simply follow these 10 basic steps:

1. Choose the Dates for Your 33 Days Program

The 33 Days of Stewardship can be conducted at any time of the year. The choice is up to you. Select the dates that work best in your church’s calendar.

2. Determine the Number of Participants

How many of your members will participate in the 33 Days program? Experience has shown that a reasonable estimate is approximately 40 to 50% of your total weekend attendance.

3. Order Your 33 Days Materials

For a limited time, you can order the 33 Days Total Program Package at a big discount. The Package includes everything you need to conduct an effective program for a minimal cost per person. For only $9 per participant you receive the following materials:

The 33 Days Total Program Package is priced at a discount of 70% off the retail price. This is a cost-effective solution that works for nearly all churches.

The Total Program Package provides everything you need to conduct the 33 Days of Stewardship.

4. Prepare Your Leadership for the Launch

Get your leaders on board prior to the public announcement of the 33 Days of Stewardship. Have them read the book and review the Discovery Guide. Engage everyone in prayer for this important endeavor.

5. Announce and Promote the 33 Days Program

The first public announcement of the 33 Days of Stewardship should occur a few weeks before the start of the program. Encourage every member to get involved in this venture of faith. Communicate the priority of participation and use the specially-designed bulletin inserts and posters for your promotional efforts.

6. Distribute Books and Discovery Guides

Two to three weeks prior to the program launch, begin to distribute copies of The 33 Laws of Stewardship and the 33 Days of Stewardship Discovery Guide. These are the essential resources for the program.

7. Launch the 33 Days of Stewardship

Most churches designate a Tuesday or Wednesday as Day 1 of the 33 Days program. On the weekend prior to Day 1, the sermon and the worship service are a preparation for the launch. This motivates members as they begin the journey.

8. Stay on Course and Finish the Journey

Each day of the 33 Days, every person reads a brief chapter in the book and does a brief exercise in the Discovery Guide. This is the “3 R’s” strategy-a daily Reading, Reflection and Response. This has proven to be very effective in transforming the way Christians think about stewardship. Each weekend, there are sermons and lessons that reinforce the daily discoveries.

9. Celebrate the Commitment

Day 33-the culmination of the journey-is a celebration of commitment by the entire church. Not just financial commitment, but commitment to prayer and service as well.

10. Complete the Commitment

After the commitment comes the completion. The 33 Days program includes follow-up strategies, motivational letters and other materials to ensure that the commitment truly leads to completion.

For the most effective, most meaningful stewardship emphasis, there is simply no better program than the 33 Days of Stewardship. Act now to ensure that your church experiences this great journey.

Church leaders across the nation are talking about their experience with the innovative new program called 33 Days of Stewardship.

Here’s what some of them are saying…


“For an annual stewardship program, this is an awesome resource – the best I have ever seen. The 33 Days of Stewardship is creative and compelling, and it leads to lasting commitments.”

Dr. John C. Maxwell
Internationally Renowned Speaker and Author,
Founder, INJOY Stewardship Services
Atlanta, Georgia


“This was an important spiritual journey for our people and many have experienced a genuine life transformation as a direct result of the 33 Days of Stewardship. All of the materials, especially the book, were excellent in every way. The self-guided format enabled individuals, families and small groups to easily go through the program and gain the full benefit from it. Our leadership team was truly blessed and encouraged by the impact of this strategy. The total raised in financial gifts is enabling us to apply $10,000 per month towards debt reduction and $25,000 every month toward a much-needed building project. This was a great experience.”

Rev. Rick Hale
Senior Pastor
Grace Community Church
Roswell, New Mexico


“The 33 Days of Stewardship made a great impact upon our people and it gave real life and energy to our capital campaign. It was a solidly biblical program, and we have seen the spiritual impact on the church expressed in very practical ways. Our general fund giving is up 13% from last year – an increase that is more than double what we normally see. And the total pledge to our campaign was $2,100,000 – three times our annual budget. We are grateful for this very successful result.”

Dr. David Anderson
Senior Pastor
Faith Baptist Church
Sarasota, Florida


“…Absolutely the best stewardship emphasis we have ever conducted! Our people are now giving more of themselves and giving more of their resources. The program was successful in every respect and we were enriched in every way, both spiritually and financially. The church gained a deeper under-standing of stewardship as something that encompasses all of life. At the end of the 33 Days of Stewardship, our offerings increased by over $10,000 per month, and they have stayed at that level. The 33 Days program was a total blessing and benefit to our church. Thanks for a truly valuable resource.”

Rev. Jim Walters
Senior Pastor
Bear Valley Church
Denver, Colorado