“In the middle of our ongoing building campaign God brought Kirk Nowery to our door. Kirk had heard about our situation from a friend of ours and he reached out to us. His credentials spoke volumes and we entered into a relationship with him to reinvigorate our leadership team as well as launch an improved building campaign. In a matter of months, Kirk, not only became a mentor to us in ministry but most importantly he and his wife, Violeta, became our friends. Our congregation has enjoyed having him speak and have embraced them both as part of the Freedom Destiny Church family. Kirk comes highly recommended for his heart for stewardship and ability to be able to mobilize a church to reach its purpose and destiny.”

Pastors Adam and Candice Smithyman

Jacksonville FL, Freedom Destiny Church

“If you are looking for the right guy to coach you through your next capital campaign, Kirk Nowery is the man! Under Kirk’s guidance through two previous campaigns, our church raised better than $15 million. Not only does Kirk know stewardship, he also knows pastors, because he is one. With Kirk’s counsel, I not only gained an invaluable mentor and coach, but a true friend and ministry colleague. Let him help you. You’ll be glad you did!”

Pastor Cal Rychener

Peoria, IL, Northwoods Community Church

“Kirk Nowery is passionate about visionary leadership and has the proven ability to help leaders grow an idea into movement. Put Kirk in a room of emerging leaders and by the end of the day, they will not only be self-assured of who they are and what they have to offer the world, but will be fired up to take action. Kirk is one of the few people with the ability to authentically relate to and connect with people from diverse ethnic and national backgrounds at all stages of social, economic, and spiritual life. His depth of experience allows him to guide leaders through challenges and setbacks to transformational, breakthrough moments. Kirk’s commitment to empowering others is not a tagline. He doesn’t simply teach generosity; he is generous.”

Stacy Blackmon

National Director, World Vision

“Kirk Nowery was a huge help and inspiration to our congregation in helping to raise $16 million for a major building project. I highly recommend him to you.”

Steve Dornbusch

former Senior Pastor, Calvary Lutheran Church - MN

“Kirk Nowery has been a lifelong friend so when we began to look for a consultant to guide us through a small window of opportunity to raise significant monies, I called Kirk first. Our church had used other stewardship companies in the past and they did well, but here was the difference: We started strong with Kirk and we finished strong with him. We found our footing because of the great foundation and study Kirk did with us upfront, in just a matter of days. Then, in the critical period from messaging to organization Kirk walked with us. We surpassed our goals and we are still increasing our giving base regularly because of Kirk’s great follow-up strategies that we had never experienced before. OK, I am a little biased towards Kirk, but Pastor if you want a friend who will get you to the finish line with a win and who will never leave you hanging, Kirk’s your man.”

Pastor Christian Garcia

Miami FL, Ekklesia Miami

“Kirk Nowery has been a consultant and missions partner with Church at Viera since our beginning in 1992. Kirk led a very successful capital stewardship campaign for CAV when we were relocating to our new 30-acre site. Our congregation has greatly benefited from his coaching and his inspirational messages while with us. I would highly recommend him to your team. It’s rare to have a consultant with his combined experience, since Kirk has served a long-tenured lead pastor and also the head of a major stewardship organization.”

Pastor Mark Ragsdale

Viera, FL, Church at Viera

“In writing references, most people try to come up with colorful words to depict their relationship and describe the credibility of the subject. I am not that person. I am one who writes only from my heart and my personal experience. There are not too many men on this earth that I consider true friends; however, Kirk Nowery has been a genuine friend to me and to my ministry for over 30 years. His love for me and for God’s church far outweighs the vast number of acquaintances that we all have had in the ministry. Kirk has been there for me in the valley (and the valley has been very deep at times) and on the mountaintops of spiritual victory. His knowledge of God’s Word, personal spiritual growth, and principles for church growth is deep. No one has invested in me as a Christian or as a pastor the way Kirk Nowery has. A personal goal that I have is that God will allow me to pay it forward.”

Pastor Dennis Eastling

Key Biscayne, FL, Key Biscayne Community Church

“While I was Senior Pastor of the Peachtree Christian Church, Atlanta, Georgia. Kirk Nowery led our congregation in a successful capital fund campaign. But more than helping us achieve our financial goal, Kirk modeled Christian stewardship and faithful discipleship that inspired our elders and deacons to grow in Christ. Just as Kirk contributed to the “can-do” attitude of the Miami Dolphins football team as chaplain for 10 years, his integrity and excellent leadership skills continue to advance the goals of Christian congregations and pastors toward God’s mission on earth as it is in heaven.  I highly recommend him to any church seeking help in promoting the cause of Jesus Christ.”

Dr. Jim Collins

Atlanta, GA, Peachtree Christian Church

“Kirk Nowery led our church and me personally through our largest capital campaign in 19 years. His heartfelt passion for leaders, unique biblical insights and pastoral experience were just what I needed to lead our people through this critical kingdom challenge. Kirk’s love and vision for the church simply enrich the entire process.”

Pastor Peter Ciofalo

Keller, TX, Hillside Community Church

“God introduced us to Kirk at a crucial time in the life of our church. His work with us has helped us to renew our vision, define our path and determine an action plan for growth. In the midst of very challenging economic and cultural circumstances, his inspiration and strategy helped our leaders and congregation to be more responsible and to give sacrificially. As a result, we acquired the tools and resources necessary to make us more effective in reaching our community. His stewardship expertise, servant leadership and his heart for helping pastors realize their dreams left us with an extraordinary experience and a lifelong friend.”

Jose Rea

Sr. Pastor, Good News Church - Barquisimeto Venezuela