“The first crucial component in relating to church leaders is to listen well, to hear the heartbeat of the church and to get in the rhythm of that beat.”
– Kirk Nowery

A Bridge of Hope Connecting Leadership and Stewardship

When the fulfillment of your vision requires you to build, one of the great challenges is raising the needed resources. There is a biblical blueprint to meet this need — a leadership strategy that if embraced and followed results in a life-changing and church-defining moment. I know this blueprint well, and I have seen it followed in hundreds of churches. I would be honored to adapt this masterplan to your ministry, to be your partner, and to give it my all to ensure that your vision comes to reality in a powerful, definitive way.

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“If you are looking for the right guy to coach you through your next capital campaign, Kirk Nowery is the man! Under Kirk’s guidance through two previous campaigns, our church raised better than $15 million. Not only does Kirk know stewardship, he also knows pastors, because he is one. With Kirk’s counsel, I not only gained an invaluable mentor and coach, but a true friend and ministry colleague. Let him help you. You’ll be glad you did!”

Pastor Cal Rychener

Peoria, IL, Northwoods Community Church

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“Kirk Nowery has been a consultant and missions partner with Church at Viera since our beginning in 1992. Kirk led a very successful capital stewardship campaign for CAV when we were relocating to our new 30-acre site. Our congregation has greatly benefited from his coaching and his inspirational messages while with us. I would highly recommend him to your team. It’s rare to have a consultant with his combined experience, since Kirk has served a long-tenured lead pastor and also the head of a major stewardship organization.”

Pastor Mark Ragsdale

Viera, FL, Church at Viera

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“In writing references, most people try to come up with colorful words to depict their relationship and describe the credibility of the subject. I am not that person. I am one who writes only from my heart and my personal experience. There are not too many men on this earth that I consider true friends; however, Kirk Nowery has been a genuine friend to me and to my ministry for over 30 years….”

Pastor Dennis Eastling

Key Biscayne, FL, Key Biscayne Community Church

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“Kirk Nowery is passionate about visionary leadership and has the proven ability to help leaders grow an idea into movement. Put Kirk in a room of emerging leaders and by the end of the day, they will not only be self-assured of who they are and what they have to offer the world, but will be fired up to take action…..”

Stacy Blackmon

National Director, World Vision

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